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Elevating Magnetic Sorting with Quantitative Capabilities

High-efficiency, functionally closed, rapid cell separation with the purity of FACS, using standard magnetic bead reagents

Pioneering Technologies for Miniaturized Magnetic Fields

Ferrologix is a biotechnology startup company that is developing novel biomedical and life sciences tools with micro-magnetic substrates. Utilizing established semiconductor  manufacturing techniques and widely utilized bio-magnetic reagents, Ferrologix is developing a suite of bioprocessing platforms to process biological samples for precision medicine and future health applications. 


Highly Parallelized Micromagnets

  • Ferrologix micro-magnetic substrates and cartridges consist of arrays of millions of cell-sized micromagnets.


  • Each micromagnet can be used to pilot, concentrate, filter, and organize individual cells.


Quantitative Magnetic Cell Sorting 

  • Traditionally, magnetic sorting is a binary process where you can select for cells with or without a specific target.


  • Ferrologix Digital Magnetic Sorting approach enables quantitative cell sorting based on each cell's magnetic intensity. 


Isolating  Rare Cell Types & Multiple Populations

  • Digital Magnetic Sorting augments traditional magnetic sorting FACS like capabilities

  • Fractionate Multiple Cell Types

  • Differentiate off target from target cells


Single Cell Arraying & Analysis 

  • Self assembly of cells into individual grids

  • Magnetic based ELISA/ELISpot

  • Magnetic assisted gene modifcation

Distruptive Technology with Strong Partnerships

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Join to BioMagnetic Revolution?

We have active Beta testing programs for our cell separation platforms. If you are interested in evaluating our system or engaging in a collaboration please reach out to us.

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