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Precise, Quantitative, & Rapid
Magnetic Cell Purification

Our Technology & Product Platforms

Pixelating Magnetic Fields for Cell Separation and Piloting

Ferrologix micromagnetic substrates pixelate static and dynamic magnetic fields to the microscale utilizing arrays of ferromagnetic microstructures. Using standard magnetic bead reagents, cells or other biological elements can be trapped and piloted on these arrays by cycling the magnetic field at defined frequencies.

Product Platforms

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Ferrologix Benchtop Cell Separator (Beta Testing)

Implementing our Digital Magnetic Sorting Technology, the  Ferrologix Benchtop Cell Separator achieves superior rare cell isolation compared to existing magnetic separators as well as parallelized sorting of two surface targets simultaneously.

  • Isolate and remove distinct, high purity populations in under 50 minutes.

  • Rare Cell Isolation (5% to 0.01% Target Fraction)

  • High Purity & Yields (>90%)

  • Sample Sparing: 10K to 20M Cell Samples

  • Isolate two cell types simultaneously


Cell Therapy Manufacturing Sorter (Under Development)

Ferrologix is scaling its Digital Magnetic Sorting platform to achieve high throughput target cell purification for cell therapy manufacturing applications. Just like the Ferrologix Benchtop Cell Sorter, the Ferrologix Production Scale Cell Sorter can achieve high purity enrichment of rare cell types on a single target or parallel isolation of two targets.

  • Rare Cell Isolation (5% to 0.01% Target Fraction)

  • Whole Leukopak/Apheresis Lot Processing

  • Functionally Closed Aseptic Processing

  • Isolate two cell types simultaneously

  • Double Positive Selection

  • Simultaneous Selection & Depletion


Single Cell Arrayment & Analysis​​ (Under Development)

Utilizing ordered magnetic microstructures, Ferrologix is developing a suite of tools for single cell analysis and gene modification. Magnetized cells will self assemble into single cell grids which can then be assayed or modified using specially developed magnetic reagents.

  • Magnetic self assembly into single cell arrays

  • HTS Compatible (SBS well plate formats)

  • Single Cell Secretion Analysis

  • Magnetic Assisted Gene Modification

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