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Experience a New Type of Core Facility

How the Fractionate Bio Core Works

Fractionate Bio Core Mission

The Fractionate Bio Core is a new type of core facility that leverages the power of digital magnetic sorting (DMS) into a streamlined process for accelerated sample to data services.

1. Ship us your fresh or cryopreserved samples

2. Using Digital Magnetic Sorting we Fractionate your Target Cells

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Pop 2

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3. We Perform Your Assay of Choice & Deliver the Data to You

What Makes it Different

Most cell sorting cores utilize a combination of traditional magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS) & fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS). MACS uses test tubes or specialized columns to purify or deplete magnetically tagged cells under a static magnetic field. While it is rapid and gentle, it has problems isolating rare cell types or fractionating multiple cell types at once. FACS is a high precision cell sorting technique that uses multiple lasers to measure and sort multiple markers on individual cells. Unfortunately FACS is expensive, labor intensive, and can result in high cell loss or low cell viability. Both techniques require large numbers of initial sample due to high cell loss through the sorting process.

Ferrologix' DMS sorting technology augments the scalability and gentle sorting capabilities of MACS with quantitative sorting capabilities like FACS.

DMS quantitative sorting enables distinct, high purity isolations of rare & common cells in under 50 minutes.

DMS has high efficiency and is sample sparring. It can work with samples between 100K and >20M cells.

DMS enables higher quality data to be extracted from specific cell types even with limited sample availability.

Abstract Background

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Sample Types

Our sorting platform is agnostic to biomatrix and we can accommodate most common biological sample types. 

  • Whole Blood

  • PBMC/Buffy Coat

  • Dissociated Tissue

  • Cryopreserved & Fresh

  • Small Sample/Limited Tissue Availability

  • Samples Containing Rare Cells

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Digital Magnetic Sorting

Using our suite of DMS cell sorting platforms, Ferrologix will fractionate your sample into highly purified target cell populations with high yield and viability post sort.

  • High Purity & Yields (>90%)

  • Rare Cell Isolation (5% to 0.01% Target Fractions)

  • Gentle & high viability separations

  • Sample Sparing: 100K to 20M Cell Samples

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ELISA Plate_edited_edited.jpg

Precision Assays

After your cells are purified , we can perform a wide variety of precision assays on your target population. The Fractionate Core has a a variety of immunophenotyping and secretion assays available in house and partnerships with local facilities to provide sequencing assays. Along with your data, we can also cryopreserve and ship your purified samples back to you.

  • Immunophenotyping:

    • Flow Cytometry

    • Immunofluorescence

  • Secretion Assays

    • ELISA/ELISpot

    • Single Cell ELISA

  • Sequencing:

    • Bulk Seq (RNA or DNA)

    • Single Cell Seq (RNA or DNA)

  • Cell Culture

    • Subculture/Expansion

    • Cryopreservation

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