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Application Note: Purification of Cell Populations with Variable Antigen Expression

In this application note, we utilized Digital Magnetic Sorting (DMS) and superparamagnetic bead cocktails to fractionate CD4+ cells into CD4Hi and CD4Low populations corresponding to T cells and monocytes. CD4 expression on T cells and monocytes represents an excellent test case for developing DMS sorting based on high and low expression. It has been well documented that CD4 is highly expressed on CD4 T Helper Cells and expressed at lower levels on monocytes and some neutrophils [4]. Leveraging DMS’ multiplexed sorting capabilities, we enriched CD4Hi cells into a High Magnetic Fraction (HMF) which could be differentiated from CD4Low cells in the Low Magnetic Fraction (LMF) within the DMS cartridge. The capability for DMS to fractionate cells based on antigen expression is significant and can potentially expand the capabilities of cell therapy manufacturing to generate therapeutic cells based on antigen level specific cell populations and improve therapeutic efficacy.

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