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Digital Magnetic Sorting for Antigen Density Based Cell Isolation

Bshara-Corson, S., Murray, C. “ Digital Magnetic Sorting for Antigen Density Based Cell Isolation” Cell & Gene Therapy QuickPitch Poster Session September 7, 2023. Brisbane , CA, USA.

Adoptive cell therapies, especially those utilizing engineered Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) or T Cell Receptors (TCR), are at the forefront of rapid advancements in the field. As the field progresses, there's an increasing emphasis on tailoring therapies to specific and specialized cell types. The efficacy of these therapies is often hinged on accurately targeting distinct cell phenotypes (EV CD34+ CD90+). Importantly, the identification isn't solely based on the presence of certain cellular markers, but also on the density of these markers on the cell surface (Ex CD56 High/Low). Current isolation techniques, such as fluorescence activated cell separation (FACS) and magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS), face challenges in balancing multiplexed & quantitative sorting with functionally closed aseptic processing at scale. There remains a pressing need for a scalable technique that can efficiently differentiate cells based on varying levels of antigen expression.

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